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Our Services

Medications are just the tip of the iceberg! Our pharmacy provides various services ranging from routine vaccinations to creating custom creams & medications for you. We’re on the frontlines of every aspect of healthcare and wellness, providing you with the expertise needed to ensure you and your loved ones lead healthy and happy lives.

Injections & Vaccinations

So many new treatments and medications are now part of a specialty group called biologics. Most of these medications are highly effective, but many of them need to be injected. Similarly, many effective diabetes treatments and anticoagulation therapies (for blood clots) also need to be injected. This can be very intimidating and sometimes scary to do on your own.

Our injection-certified pharmacists not only could provide these injections for you when it is convenient for your schedule, but we can teach you how to perform these injections safely and painlessly on your own. We can also teach you how to store and transport your therapy so you never miss vacation, or a golf game.

Cold & Flu

Influenza (the flu) is a serious, acute respiratory illness that is caused by influenza viruses. It is spread by respiratory droplets from an infected person or by direct contact with contaminated surfaces. Symptoms include sudden onset of headache, chills, cough, fever, loss of appetite, achiness, fatigue, sneezing, watery eyes, and throat irritation. 

You can rely on our Peoples Pharmacy team for education, counseling, monitoring, and administration of your yearly flu vaccination.


Preparations of creams and other remedies for people - we create custom formulations of medications that aren't available off the shelf.

Compounding in a pharmacy entails much more than simply mixing drugs with bases. Our pharmacists take into account the physical and chemical qualities of each medication we utilize while creating stable and effective pharmaceutical goods.

Heart Health

Cardiovascular disease is one of the leading health risks in North America. Heart attack, stroke, and other events related to high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels can be prevented when we monitor our cardiovascular health.


Our pharmacy team can check your blood pressure at every visit to ensure you are on track. Even if you don’t currently take blood pressure medicine, it is a healthy practice to keep track of your blood pressure levels.


Our pharmacists can review your specific goals and help you maintain good cardiovascular health. This includes:

  • Blood Pressure Monitoring

  • Lipid Monitoring (in select pharmacies)

  • Medication and Therapy review

  • Weight Loss Management

Diabetes Support

Blood sugars, A1C, normal ranges, carbohydrates: it’s confusing right? Not to mention all of the new medications you have to take now.

Our pharmacists may be able to provide:

  • Support to manage your diabetes diagnosis. (No matter what the type).

  • Help you understand what normal levels are and what tests you need to keep track of them.

  • Counsel you on any medication you are prescribed.

  • Teach you how to check your sugars or give yourself an injection.

  • How to use a glucose meter, and even help you select an insulin pump if you need one.

Medication Reviews

Not all medicine is the same for everyone. In fact, one person may take  medication for their stomach upset and reflux, while another may take the same medicine for allergies or itchy skin. A medication regimen is as unique as you are. 

Each patients therapy will have different goals, different dosages, and whatever condition is being treated, will be different between people too. 

This is why our Peoples Pharmacy team will review your unique medication regimen, develop therapy goals with you, and measure your outcomes to ensure you’re reaching your peak health potential.

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