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About Us

Providing Care for the Entire Family

Bow Trail Medical Clinic is happy to serve you with the highest quality of medical care. Established in 2021, our state of the art medical facilities allow us to offer comprehensive family care for you and your loved ones. At Bow Trail Medical Centre, we strive to ensure you live healthily & happily.
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Your health is our priority!

Nurse Talking to Patient

Our Story

Our Medical clinic was founded By Dr. Sudarshan Das in 2021. Having practiced medicine for over a decade both in India and in medical centres across Canada, Dr. Das opened the Bow Trail Medical Clinic with the vision of providing a safe and comfortable environment where individuals of all ages may receive the care they deserve. 
It is often the family practitioner that is the most frequent touchpoint between people and the healthcare system. It is for this reason that openness and understanding between a family physician and their patient is crucial to their overall wellbeing. At Bow Trail Medical Clinic, our physicians provide not only expert medical advice founded upon years of experience, but also a personal touch to ensure you receive the care you need.

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